How can fashion get away with continuing losses?

It was reported (Daily Telegraph UK, 27 November 2019) that Victoria Beckham, who started her eponymous fashion label in 2008, has made its 11th annual loss – which means it has NEVER MADE A PROFIT. In 2018 the losses leapt 20% to £12.3 million, on sales of £35 million. That is quite a feat (presumably a lot of private jet travel is required).

How can a company get away with it? Well, have investment from someone of the calibre of David Belhassen, whose Neo Investment Partners also backs such brands as Ladurée, Miller Harris, Paul, and Pierre Marcolini. It also helps to be married to former footballer David Beckham, whose face is, it seems, on nearly every advertizing placard these days.

But the point is that no company in luxury travel would be allowed to be in the red, every year.

-Mary Gostelow



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