How to make ILTM work best

At the start of the final day, the ‘VIP Media’ at Leading Hotels of the World’s networking breakfast were unanimous. If hotel groups and individual properties would be more transparent, they would achieve more coverage.

Marriott’s breakfast the previous day got high marks. Branding leader for the luxury hotels Tina Edmundson went beyond describing Marriott and shared other things that interest her, like a travel advisor who sends clients trekking in the jungle – accompanied by a lifestyle coach.

IHG’s supper, at InterContinental Cannes Carlton, was praised by many for its panel. Six Senses’ CEO Neil Jacobs shared honestly the challenges of pursuing sustainability in face of, well, so many hurdles.

There are actually so many events that they tend to be rated by small pointers. Last evening, before that supper, I said hello to Leonardo Ferragamo at the Lungarno party – always a draw as it is in the Ferragamo boutique, with gorgeously-chilled Laurent-Perrier. After that came two walk the gangplanks to a pair of luxury yachts, hired by Aman (the one with a jazz band) and by Jumeirah (the one with nearly every white flower on the planet).

The party hosts-with-the-mosts are those who do have top people on-site, say Kempinski’s Amanda Elder, Xavier Destribats and Bernold Schroeder at the Kempinski lunch to celebrate ten years of their Ladies In Red. Similarly, Eric Danziger flew in specially to host Trump Hotels’ lunch at the Majestic’s Beach Club.

And Le Cheval Blanc not only had jazz and top people but fill-your-own goodie bags to take home. And the bags were string, so you can see through.

Back to transparency. Honesty pays in this discerning world of luxury travel.


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