Are younger luxury travellers going secondhand?

In the week before Christmas, once in another age, I gave my favourite teddy bear to my then-best-friend, but snatched it back the following day.

Seems like I was ahead of my time. A Deloitte report says that 27% of all consumers in the USA plan to give secondhand items as gifts this festive season.

Top of the back are Gen Ys, with 61% saying they will give already-used, with Millennials trailing at 43%. Not surprising Gen X is a mere 25% and well, as for Boomers, they can only muster 13%.

Admittedly 50% in total say cost is the driving factor but emotionally this is of vital importance. Donors want to share THEMSELVES.

Hotels should take note. A VIP welcome gift that is made by the hotel could be much more appreciated than a bought-in box of chocolates (though by the same token, do NOT replace the Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle by mulled wine made by a just-joined kitchen apprentice).

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