Alexandra Champalimaud does Charlie Chaplin in Beverly Hills

This month, the re-designed Bungalow 9 at The Beverly Hills Hotel is added to new-looks done by Alexandra Champalimaud. This marks the comprehensive restoration and thoughtful redesign of 21 of the hotel’s historic bungalows.

The hotel was finished in 1912 and two years later, the City of Beverly Hills was named for the 12-acre hotel complex. There are 203 keys, including the bungalows.

Signature pointers?  Hotel VP/GM Ed Mady is one of today’s all-time greats, and a winner of the coveted HOTELS magazine’s Hotelier of the Year award. Next, the amazing mammoth-banana-leaf wallpaper, designed by C.W. Stockwell, that stretches along what seems like miles of corridors (buy the pattern on such covetable items as Charlotte Olympia wedge sandals, or on a bicycle frame, in the hotel’s concept store). And this list would not be complete without recommending eating, breakfast, lunch or dinner, at the Polo Lounge – try a McCarthy salad, named in the 1940s for Neil McCarthy, captain of the local polo team (the salad is avocado, bacon, beetroot, Cheddar, chicken, lettuce and a balsamic vinaigrette).

There are stunning suites in the main building but many naturally choose one of the bungalows. Alexandra Champalimaud, whose recent work also includes a complete re-do of Raffles Singapore, was the obvious choice to stress the opulent luxury of the bungalows.  Bungalow 1 is a reminder that Marilyn Monroe had her sixth, and her eighth, honeymoons here. Like all the bungalows, the Charlie Chaplin (#9) comes with special perks.  The 189 sq m bungalow has a working fire, and an open kitchen, which is ideal for entertaining. Your library includes classic books covering the artist’s long life, 1889-1977. You are greeted on arrival with a chocolate dessert inspired by the 1925 movie, The Gold Rush, and you have all the ingredients to make a Chaplin Cocktail, comprised of sloe gin, apricot brandy, lemon juice, served in a highball glass topped with club soda.

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