Why stay two nights at Iguaçu when you can stay five?

Matías de Cristóbal is Director General of Awasi, a company with three lodges in South America. He is also on the board of directors of Relais et Châteaux. Cleverdis editor-in-chief Richard Barnes asked him what differentiates his newest property that has just opened in Argentina, in the region of Iguaçu…

“Until we arrived in Iguaçu, it was a place where people could stay one or two nights, because travellers just wanted to see the Brazilian side, the Argentinian side, take a selfie, and then leave. But after analysing this place, we realised that the Atlantic rainforest has a huge number of endemic species. We discovered, thanks to local naturalists and archaeologists that there are lots of things to see besides the falls. Of course, the waterfalls are a huge attraction, and we go there before the park opens, so our guests can see the falls without the crowds. But then we take them to 14 different places, connect with the local communities and Guarani tribes, the local flora and fauna, exploring the jungles, the river, and other hidden waterfalls, not to mention the Jesuit missions.

Our clients do not do group excursions. They are all personalised and private. Each room is assigned a private guide and a four-wheel-drive vehicle. And from the moment we receive a reservation, a personal reservation assistant starts working on designing the trip specifically for that guest. We have a personnel-to-guest ratio of six-to-one. The reservation assistant ascertains the preferences and expectations. This information goes to the chef, the hotel manager, the housekeeping team, and to the head of excursions, who assigns a particular guide with the greatest knowledge on the topics of interest to that guest. No two visits are ever the same.”



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