What the luxury traveller wants – Steve Poulston

This English businessman-entrepreneur, who travels internationally at least every ten days, says one of his biggest bugbears is the way hotels do not deliver bags to rooms.

“I arrived in Rio, hot, sticky and wanting a shower, and I had to wait 20 minutes for my bag.  I was like a lost soul. A lot of hotels offer frequent guests a welcome drink but most hotels do not get it right.  If you are going to do it, do it properly. At one top hotel in Cannes, I was offered a complimentary cocktail but my husband was not.

When I am travelling with my husband I book a king-bed room but when Reception is faced with two guys the receptionist often switches it discreetly to twins. The sensible thing is to ask me what type of room I really want. I hate tiny little bottles of toiletries, which are useless for two busy, active blokes.  I have to travel with my own full-size Molton Browns. Also, all hotels should supply earplugs and eye masks (do GMs ever test how sound- and light-proof their bedrooms really are?).

I have spent decades travelling on business and many times hotels’ restaurants have lonely diners.  Why not follow cruise ships and have communal areas in bars and restaurants where people can meet, each paying their own bills?  I think this would be marvellous.

I always like to swim before breakfast and I therefore choose hotels that have indoor pools. It is then really annoying to find the pool does not open until 9 or 9.30.  Also, why do outdoor pools close by the calendar rather than by the actual weather?”

Steve Poulston runs MagTek UK, which protects data and prevents fraud in electronic transactions. It provides OEM solutions which, he reckons, can save up to 5% of costs: the company’s many corporate clients include top global hospitality companies.






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