What a luxury traveller wants – Jason Schwartz

Millennial attorney Jason Schwartz, based in Naples FL, travels extensively, usually in a multi-generational family group. It seems he and his sister and her husband all have similar tastes.  They want providers that offer new experiences rather than what-you-have-at-home.

Jason Schwartz does much of the planning, though he does sometimes use a travel advisor. Over last Christmas/New Year the family took Seven Seas Mariner from Rio de Janeiro to Miami via the Amazon. He chose this particular cruise because of the destinations, which included the unique Opera House at Manaus, capital of Amazonia. But at the end of each land excursion the group was back on board, for total luxury and pampering.

This is a loyal traveller. When it comes to hotels, Burj al Arab, in Dubai, which he will next return to in May, is the best hotel in the world. Points that stand out are the beds, from mattresses to linens, and service. Then there is the annual trip to Monte-Carlo, for the Grand Prix. Although as a child his parents sometimes booked Hôtel Hermitage, now he prefers Hôtel de Paris: its rooftop Grill, with its pull-back roof, is always a favourite (the Mâitre d’ is the secret to getting the best table).  The fact that Hôtel de Paris now has its own wellness facility, to complement the massive Thermes de Marine, is another draw.

In Paris, Jason Schwartz’s top favourite is Four Seasons George V. As far as brands are concerned, nothing beats Belmond, though sometimes, as in Phuket, Aman is the number one choice.


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