25hours Hotels Company launches 25hours People

Christoph Hoffmann, CEO of Hamburg-based 25hours Hotels Company, says “We are looking for people from all over the world who have character and individuality and who take pleasure in contributing their personalities and talents with enthusiasm, whilst also continuing to shape the 25hours brand as part of a team. For us, personal qualities are more important than the perfect CV.”

In the age of skill shortages and New Work, it is no longer sufficient to just offer current and potential employees a cool product or a trendy workplace. This is the reason why 25hours Hotels Company evaluated the opinions of employees and developed a strategy for its new employer brand 25hours People. In the process, 25hours discovered why more than 1,000 employees enjoy working for the company, what is important to them and the specific aspects which led them to recommend 25hours to their inner circle.

The opinions were collected in the annual employee survey, the outcome of which was: COME AS YOU ARE. This is the employer promise with which 25hours employees identify. The conclusion sums up the promise to employees: Come exactly as you are, bringing your own unique talents and personality. This promise is defined in more detail by way of four core messages, which are consistent with the hotel group’s essentials: WE LIKE PEOPLEWE ARE PASSIONATEWE SEARCH FOR UNCONVENTIONAL and WE ARE IN CHARGE. In the course of the new employer branding, these core messages have been expressed as follows:

25hours don’t just call themselves a hotel tribe, they act like one. Everyone who walks through their doors becomes part of the brand and experiences what it is that makes 25hours special. So what do they have in common? A true community, ensuring the success of the 25hours concept through the trust and respect that they have for each other.

The hotels stand out for their character, but with the staff and employees, they get soul. 25hours values personalities and the stories behind them. The brand believes they are only as good, as special and as inspiring as the people who work for them. It is the optimism, empathy with guests, curiosity, and enthusiasm for what they do each day proving a truly personal touch that make 25hours what it is today.

25hours employees love a little extra. People who love their job put their all into it and aren’t interest in the norm. That’s just how 25hours is, too: different, eye-catching and perhaps a little crazy. And they do everything they can to ensure it stays that way – with unconventional added extras and a stimulating environment where colleagues enjoy their work and are able to achieve their full potential.

Opportunities are as individual as the hotels. 25hours isn’t just interested in a CV. If candidates like to take the initiative, have a desire to learn and achieve something, then 25hours is a great fit. Those who show that they want to accomplish something will get the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Consequently, 25hours People focuses on the following themes: Workplace Culture and Cooperation, Benefits, Career Prospects and of course, Personality and a passion for the job.  Kathrin Gollubits, Director of Human Resources at 25hours explains, “The reworking and repositioning of our employer brand came as a result of the process of defining our Essentials, which led us to consider what we represent and what we are already doing as an employer to attract and retain employees. Over the course, we established that we already offer a great deal, but would like to communicate this to employees in a much more proactive way.”

The new website,  www.25hours-people.com, provides insights into the 25hours world and puts focus on employees. An Instagram account @25hourspeople has been set up to inject life into the brand and to share colleagues’ stories. The images feature employees who represent the company. That’s because 25hours people are genuine, sincere and authentic.

The 25hours Hotel Company currently operates 13 hotels and was founded in 2005 by Stephan Gerhard, Ardi Goldman, Christoph Hoffmann and Kai Hollmann. Upcoming openings include properties in Florence (2020), Dubai (2020) and Copenhagen (2021 and 2024). The 25hours Hotel Company formed a strategic alliance with Accor in 2016, and Europe’s largest hotel group now contributed a 50 percent stake in the group with sights for a collective expansion.


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