Sicily My Love: how one Taormina-based DMC leverages fabulous video images to promote its region

Salvatore Lo Giudice, Managing Director of Sicily Lifestyle, had a clear concept of his company’s brand image: “It should be the perfect combination of tourism, fashion and cinema”. To underline this, he commissioned Vanity Fair fashion editor Michael Roberts to create a 13-minute short film to set the stage, called “Sicily My Love”; and for this, he enlisted the talents of the Brazilian supermodel, Raica Brito Oliveira. We asked him to tell us more.

Above all, it is the story that Michael wanted to share with us about how he fell in love with this island, an island that knows how to welcome and captivate like no other. It’s a live story, incorporating all our services and the beautiful aspects of our region. The film was produced in 2018, and first presented at the Bulgari Hotel in London. It has also been shown locally in Sicily, and the next screening will be at a private members’ club in New York, with the attendance of Michael Roberts and Raica Oliveira. Through the images of the movie, we have done our rebranding. The images on our website have been taken from the movie itself. It was a different way of rebranding, through cinema and fashion.

What are your company’s three key differentiation points?

Firstly, we are a small team… in Sicily, family is a strong value. Every team member is like a family member, and we transmit this value to our guests visiting Sicily. The second point is the fact that we work with very high-end clients and have a lot of people coming from the fashion industry around the world. The third point is the continuous relationship we keep with our clients, even after they leave Sicily – a sense of friendship and family that remains after the travel.

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