Be PROUD in New York

In just three editions PROUD Experiences, the event created by Reed Travel Exhibitions to focus on the LGBTQ+ travel sector, has established itself as the voice for international travel brands, destinations and experiences with a growth for 2020 of 100% since year one. Now double the size, with 80% of exhibitors confirmed more than six months [...]

China advisory

The U.S. State Department has issued its highest travel advisory, Level 4, to the Hubei province in China due to an outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, which was first identified in the capital city of Wuhan. Level 4 advisories urge travelers “Do not travel,” the strongest terms the system employs, ahead of the Level 3 “Reconsider travel,” Level [...]

Bill Bensley’s sustainability plea

During his keynote address at the Thailand Tourism Forum 2020 in Bangkok on 20 January, Bill Bensley launched his open-source “Sensible Sustainability Solutions” white paper for the global Hotel Industry, incorporating over three decades of experience from designing over 200 hotels around the world and in celebration of 30 years since he created BENSLEY. Deeply [...]

Australia Day in Dubai

Yesterday, Sunday 26 January 2020, was Australia Day, the official national day of Australia. It marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of English ships at Port Jackson NSW: unofficially, it has also been variously named "Anniversary Day", "Foundation Day",  "Invasion Day" and "National Day of Mourning". It was not until 1935 that all Australian states and [...]

Pretty Woman turns 30

The movie Pretty Woman was released 23 March 1990 and, like Casablanca and  The Sound of Music, its popularity strengthens the whole time.  (Interestingly one youngster was so inspired by the actor playing the hotel manager that he switched ambition from becoming a stage name, himself, to aspirations in the hotel industry. He, Daniel Szelényi, [...]

Luxury travel in 2040

Looking 20 years into the future, Futurologist Ray Hammond, on behalf of Allianz Partners, has predicted what the travel industry will look like. “The face of travel as we know it will change dramatically over the next 20 years,” predicted Hammond. “It looks as if the travel industry is set for a long period of [...]